Upcoming meeting dates

Confirmed dates and issues - 2017

Whistleblowing - 26 June, 10am to 1pm
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Managing waste - 5 July, 10am to 1pm
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Board effectiveness - 12 July, 10am to 1pm
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Corporate culture - 18 July, 1pm to 4pm
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Future dates and issues - 2017

The following 11 dates and times will conclude the 2017 series of meetings: 6 September, 1pm to 4pm | 20 September, 1pm to 4pm | 4 October, 10am to 1pm | 11 October, 10am to 1pm | 18 October, 1pm to 4pm | 2 November, 1pm to 4pm | 15 November, 10am to 1pm | 22 November, 10am to 1pm | 28 November, 1pm to 4pm | 8 December, 10am to 1pm | 14 December, 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

Please use the RSVP forms below to register your interest against the respective issues. These issues will be the subjects of our examination in the remaining meetings of the year. By registering your interest, you will enable us to notify you of future scheduling decisions.

Previous meetings - 2017

We have already held 7 roundtable meetings in 2017:

  • Tax transparency - 18 January
  • Charitable giving - 15 February
  • Reducing inequality - 15 March
  • Delivering the SDGs - 19 April
  • Supporting local economies - 17 May
  • Work-life balance - 7 June
  • Executive pay - 14 June

Fees to attend meetings

Responsible 100 roundtable meetings are free to attend for non-business subject experts and for businesses participating for the first time. Businesses are not able to continue to participate in roundtables without joining Responsible 100 as a paying member. When over-subscribed, places are offered according to the following priorities:

  1. R100 businesses which have submitted a draft answer to the question

  2. NGOs, campaign groups, unions, investors etc which have co-authored the question

  3. Any business which has submitted a draft answer to the question

  4. R100 businesses which have not submitted a draft answer to the question

  5. Subject matter experts from investing, NGOs etc, which wish to co-develop the question

  6. Any business which has not submitted a draft answer but which can contribute to the meeting

  7. Any other interested parties