The Responsible 100 questionnaire digs down into a range of social, environmental and ethical issues which affect business and wider society. More questions will be published soon.


Businesses which value their workforce are better placed to attract the right people, retain them in the company, and make the best use of their talents. There is a huge body of evidence that indicates a direct link between high levels of worker happiness, welfare and engagement and the commercial success of the company. This section enables companies to explain their workforce policies and practices in respect of these eight issues: employee representation; employee engagement; health and safety; building human capital; diversity; work-life balance; employees who are carers; and paying a living wage.

Questions in this topic

  1. Work-life balance
  2. Employees who are carers
  3. Employee representation
  4. Living wage
  5. Employee engagement
  6. Building human capital
  7. Health & safety
  8. Diversity in the workplace