The following is not a manifesto, nor is it rigid nor dogmatic. Nonetheless these beliefs and values, which are shared by Responsible 100's founding businesses and partners, are important points of reference for others contemplating whether to also join.

Together, we help businesses to prosper, innovate and grow in the true service of people and planet, irrespective of their size, sector or stating point. If the following beliefs and guiding principles align with you, then you are welcome to join this community.

  • WE BELIEVE - business has almost unbridled potential to make the world a better place
  • WE BELIEVE - now is the time to realise it, to solve existential crises which imperil society, nature and humanity's future
  • WE BELIEVE – the pursuit of profit is an increasingly inadequate justification for offloading costs onto society and the environment and exploiting vulnerable stakeholders, even though it may be legal or customary to still do so
  • WE BELIEVE – the best businesses actively seek out new ways of producing the goods and services we need without offloading costs or exploiting anyone, they discontinue practices which result in negative impacts on people and planet and, instead, they devise and adopt practices whose impacts are positive
  • WE BELIEVE – through their choices, actions and agency, individuals will create critical incentives and rewards for businesses to do more good, and do less harm
  • WE BELIEVE - any business can determine and achieve an optimal balance between delivering its goods and services and pursuing commercial success on one hand, with contribution to people and planet on the other 
  • WE BELIEVE - responsibility is a skill, one that any company can learn and improve on, to increase its knowledge, competence and confidence, to be ever bolder in its actions and decisions, and to deploy its resources ever more efficiently and effectively
  • WE BELIEVE - despite the obvious moral case, only the economic case has the power to deliver change at the speed and breadth now required
  • WE BELIEVE - soon, real responsibility will drive up profits, and irresponsible practices will diminish them

Responsible 100 is the result of collaboration with individuals from the widest range of businesses and civil society organisations.

Our aim for the near future is to enable anyone to participate in the work we do. The more diverse our community the better. We welcome consumers, employees, investors, activists, campaigners and citizens.

Irrespective of the hat or hats you wear, if you’d like to help unlock the vast potential of business to fix the way the world works, we'd be glad for you to join us.

Responsible 100 takes a unique approach to collaboration, identifying opportunities and co-creating and trialing solutions. Moreover, this is the ethos of our community.

Profit Through Ethics

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