Responsible 100 originated in 2012 but built on work started in 2001. Profit Through Ethics Ltd, the company that created Responsible 100, was registered in 2002. From the very earliest days our focus was on helping businesses to be more responsible. And that meant, somehow, truly and genuinely responsible.

It was obvious then that the proliferation of glossy CSR reports that large businesses were producing - or rather paying third parties to create on their behalf - lacked credibility. And we had a strong hunch that there must be better ways of being responsible and demonstrating that, ways which could benefit the business and wider society too.


Collaboration sparks our imaginations

Responsible 100 has create unique processes for engagement, discovery, assessment, disclosure and continuous improvement through it extensive collaborations with hundreds of organisations.


Critical issues dissected

We explored 30 critical social, environmental and ethical issues that affect business and wider society. Some were explored up to 5 times in the roundtable arena.


Roundtables convened

We've convened 57 world class roundtable meetings bringing businesses together with their stakeholders who've acted as "critical friends" and collaborators.


Organisations represented

We've worked with many of the world's biggest and best known brands and corporations. We've proudly worked with SMEs and startups too, as well as a wealth of brilliant NGOs and think tanks. Together, we developed a unique approach to sharing and socialising problems to co-create solutions.


Passionate people

We've brought hundreds of people together. People passionate about innovating for the public good and making a difference. We've developed a "people's assembly" approach to raising, debating and understanding challenges, exploring solutions, and the barriers to - and drivers of - their adoption.


Collaboration, openness and honesty have underpinned our work for over two decades. Our quest to create the truest and most useful test of real responsibility possible has involved hundreds of organisations, many of which are shown below.


By curating safe, collaborative and supportive environments in which to share knowledge and improve together, we've been able to persuade the biggest businesses to participate in our work. We've worked with hundreds of large businesses including some of the world's very biggest corporations.


"Responsible 100 has perfected the art of bringing companies and NGOs together to explore and share challenges, learning and practical know how, in a safe space. It's for people who are passionate about making a difference. Not for those who want to talk through the theory of how to make a difference, but those keen to learn about what works in today's context to ready their organisations for the future. "
Head of Corporate Responsibility & Employee Engagement, Virgin Trains


Understanding and addressing a constantly evolving set of pressing responsibility issues is a complex undertaking. It is often overwhelming for smaller - and more frequently resource-constrained - firms and brands. We've worked with the widest range of SMEs and brands, including even the smallest and newest firms.


"Responsible 100 is a brilliant initiative. The opportunity for  peer learning around real responsibility issues is so valuable. The deep dives ensure a really good level of detail and tangible and realistic actions afterwards."
Co-founder, Pukka Herbs


More than ever, it is essential that the global challenges the world faces are championed by passionate NGOs and campaigners. We've helped campaign groups to raise their issues right up to the top of boardroom agendas.

We have a proud record of enabling those holding corporate power to account to partner and collaborate with the businesses they scrutinise.


Supporter organisations are integral to our approach and model, and to identifying and influencing positive change in business.

"Corporate reponsibility efforts are often regarded as greenwash because they fail to explore and reveal what really happens on the ground - Responsible 100 identifies and reflects reality "
Head of International Development Policy , WWF

Profit Through Ethics

Responsible 100 is delivered by Profit Through Ethics Ltd., a business registered in England with company number 4769798.
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