Responsible 100 has enjoyed the support of hundreds of partner organisations over many years. People and organisations with genuine expertise on the issues we explore, and who share our passion for honing business as a force for good, have made incredible contributions and shown what real collaboration can achieve. We're currently establishing new partnerships and inviting previous supporters to join us again.  

Benefits Of Partnership

  • Demonstrating leadership and ambition. Responsible 100 operates at the cutting edge of business responsibility. Our aims and methods are unique. We offer unrivalled opportunities for partners committed to doing worthwhile work in ESG, CSR, impact and purpose, which have become increasingly crowded and confusing fields in recent years.
  • Shaping the benchmarks. We categorise business performance on all the issues we explore as either POOR, OKAY, GOOD or EXCELLENT. Partners help develop and improve benchmarks working collaboratively. Our benchmarks constitute valuable resources. They help companies better understand how they perform now and where they can improve, and they inform policy. 
  • Imagining EXCELLENT - and how to achieve it. A unique opportunity in working on the benchmarks is to imagine and propose what is possible. Partners share responsibility for imagining tangible standards of EXCELLENT performance that companies could and should be striving for, issue by issue, and inspire and support them in achieving it.
  • Growing your knowledge. Our model, and the relationships we broker between clients and partners, provide a continuous stream of new data and value. See FAQ 3 here for more information.
  • Growing your network and influence. We provide continuous networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and organisations. By partnering with Responsible 100, experts can help drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future for businesses and communities alike.

Educating And Inspiring Action  

Albert Einstein apparently suggested that if you can't explain something to a six year old, then you don't fully understand it yourself. We encourage a similar approach when introducing and exploring the responsibility issues we explore to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We assume no prior knowledge. But we also assume unlimited potential to champion an issue when the rationales and opportunities to act are laid bare.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to reveal how they respond to a wide range of social, environmental and ethical challenges, to benefit themselves, and everyone else. The information we uncover includes the business’s awareness, knowledge and interest of an issue. We assess their exposure to risks and opportunities alike, and what they have done in the past, and what they might usefully do next.

Partners share responsibility for the creation and ongoing development of our methods of sharing and serving knowledge and expertise, and collecting further policy and practice examples from our participating businesses. Currently, our issues pages are currently broken down into 7 sections as follows:

1. Introducing The Issue
An overview and a few sentences by way of introduction.

2. Describe What You Currently Do - Questions FOR MANAGERS
Questions for managers to begin to assess current knowledge and practices in respect of the issue.

3. Describe What You Currently Do - Questions FOR EMPLOYEES
Questions for employees to reflect on their current views on and engagement with the issue.

4. Benchmark Performance Statements
Statements describing POOR, OKAY, GOOD and EXCELLENT business performance on the issue. We seek to define, and continually update, performance standards on all issues.

5. Exploring The Issue
We provide detailed explanations of each issue to support business's further learning.

6. Definitions
We provide definitions of key technical terms (and jargon) related to the issue.

7. Links, News & Further Resources
We provide links to additional resources and news articles related to the issue.

The contributions and involvement of partners are key elements of Responsible 100’s supported steps to guide businesses towards ever more responsible practices. The steps include prioritisation to determine the most important issues that businesses need to tackle. Then assessing how well the business currently performs, issue by issue. We later help businesses to set targets to improve that are achievable, measurable. We also support businesses in engaging their stakeholders to build trust and demonstrate their actions and commitments. Find out more about our steps here.

Beyond minimum requirements to display the Responsible 100 logo, our further steps include helping businesses to change and improve what they do. We offer office hours, workshops and training, with and without partners. For e.g. organisational culture, we have an expert partner in place already: the brilliant Alex Barker. Alex created a 4 module workshop series to help companies explore and improve their culture. For e.g. mental health and wellbeing, we offer our own workshop for small teams. We'll add more such workshops, support and resources in the coming months. 

Previous Partners

Over many years, we've worked with a wide range of campaigners and civil society organisations to explore responsibility issues and try to understand business responses and performance. Some of the organisations that supported our workshops and efforts to develop and improve our benchmarks are shown in the below:
We are currently refreshing scores of old partnerships that we formed during the time of the first iteration of Responsible 100, which ran from 2012 to 2018. Invitations are being sent to those who joined one or more of the 57 roundtable workshops that we previously ran. Roundtable participation in the past is not a prerequisite to partnering with us now. It is genuine expertise, energy and passion which matters most.
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