Simple Steps

Each participant company shares its responsibility data through a managed, supported process. Responsible 100 uses this to create and develop benchmarks which help all businesses to improve. We support your business in every aspect of each of the following simple steps.


Firstly, consider the 20 different responsibility issues we explore and indicate which of the following best describes the level of priority you think your company or organisation should assign, in your personal opinion:

an urgent issue that we must attend to right now

any issue that we must tackle ASAP thereafter

an issue that we should eventually respond to

an issue that doesn't materially affect our organisation
This exercise only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.


After prioritisation, the next step is to develop basic written accounts of your policies and practices. We ask you for summaries of what your organisation is currently doing in response to the 20 issues we explore, and/or the things you plan to do or change in the future.

To help you learn more about these issues and understand best practices around them, you can explore the range of materials Responsible 100 has developed working with subject matter experts. We help you quickly and painlessly learn more about the responsibility issues we explore and apply that knowledge to your own organisation and its size, sector and circumstances.

These basic written accounts of your policies and practices can be developed and built on going forward where appropriate. At this stage, it helps us get a more holistic view of your business, and is another important piece of the puzzle of identifying where the simplest and most effective improvements to become more responsible can be made.


Next we make it easy for you to objectively estimate how you perform across each of the 20 issues. We ask you do describe your current performance level in one of 4 ways:

>>  GOOD
>>  OKAY
>>  POOR 

Not only does Responsible 100 make it is safe for you to be POOR on different issues - and you are under no obligation to share or publish your information that results from these steps - but we make such conclusions useful and even empowering.

It is inevitable that, as an organisation operating in a relentlessly competitive environment, you will be POOR on certain responsibility issues, possibly several. We enable you to discover which those are, and how to achieve OKAY performance as soon as your resources and circumstance allow. 


Once you have completed steps 1-3, including colleagues where appropriate, we do the work of creating your Responsibility Indicator - a dashboard which combines:

>> Your prioritisation of the 20 issues

>> Your basic written accounts of your current practices on those issues

>> Your current performance on those issues

The combination of this information opens up a range of possibilities. 

Your Responsibility Indicator is a dashboard which quickly also becomes a map, an index, and a mine of valuable data for internal use, and for sharing externally - if you choose to go on and do this. Your selections in regards to priorities and performance will change and flux as your policies and practices evolve, new information is gathered, and other factors are brought to bear. Your Responsibility Indicator is invaluable in identifying where best to invest your precious resources to improve, as a repository of the live case studies of the work you’re doing, and as a means for ongoing monitoring and course correction.


As a business or organisation participating in Responsible 100 and meeting the minimum requirements, you may display up to four different versions of the badge to indicate your participation. You will be permitted to display the badge on your websites, packaging, email signatures and other such marketing materials. Minimum requirements will vary.

Currently, to earn the Responsible 100 badge, the minimum requirement is to have prioritised, disclosed practices and scored performance (i.e. Steps 1-3 as per above) on at least 5 of the 20 responsibility issues we explore. You can select any five issues, regardless of your current level of priority or performance.

Minimum requirements for the badge will become more demanding as Responsible 100 grows. In time, it is likely that requirements will increase from sharing information internally, to sharing with other organisations participating in Responsible 100, and ultimately sharing externally with various stakeholder groups. See below for more details.

Your Responsible 100 badge will symbolise that your organisation is:

>> Undertaking a broad and rigorous process
>> Equipped to be increasingly and optimally responsible
>> Open and honest
>> Transparent and accountable 


Three further steps are not currently incorporated into the minimum participation criteria.

Responsible 100 partners with incredibly impressive and inspiring issue experts. The brilliant, passionate people we work with provide you with bespoke help and guidance. Together, we'll help you to improve your performance on all your priority issues. Find out more about our expert workshops with the experts.

We also run our own workshops to bring you up to a minimum standard on any of the 20 issues we explore. Using data collected from Steps 1-4, we'll guide your organisation through personalised workshops to discuss your current practices, explore different ideas and possible future strategies or directions, and analyse your performance against our benchmarks. Find out more about R100 workshops here.


Businesses and organisations that participate in Responsible 100 are networked together so that they may learn from one another, share success stories - and sometimes stories of failure too, offer up ideas, make suggestions, ask for and offer advice, and generally be supportive, 'critical friends'. All participants' accounts of the policies and practices they pursue, their reasons for adopting them, and their future plans etc., issue by issue, are networked in ever-growing, ever more valuable benchmarks as illustrated below. Participants' accounts - their live case studies of what they do - are valuable to them, to other participants, and to those yet to join.


We believe that the ultimate test of responsibility is for businesses to share their live case studies for all to see. Full disclosure on all issues won't be mandatory, but this will be enabled, encouraged and incentivised. We support businesses in sharing live, honest, frank accounts of themselves, their cultures and their policies and practices, to all their stakeholders, for comment and feedback. This is a unique and powerful means of differentiating.
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