How We Support

Responsible 100 is a community of people and organisations collaborating in the exploration of better and best responses to the social, environmental and ethical challenges we face together.

We're All Confronting The Same Concerns & Questions  

Nowadays, all businesses face similar questions and concerns as to how to balance the pursuit of commercial success with the extraordinary demands of the times we live in. Responsible 100 provides you with a range of support to help you navigate and respond to them. 

  • How should we spend our precious time and resources on the right things?
  • How can we balance the need to be responsible and sustainable with the need to be commercially successful?
  • How can we attract and retain the next generation of employees?
  • How can we be more resilient and future-proofed in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world?
  • What if we fail, or do the wrong things, and damage our reputation as a result?
  • How should we anticipate future sustainability requirements?
  • How do we ensure we don't miss out on more sales, greater market share and new business and partnership opportunities?
  • How can we be on the front foot and create a vibrant culture across the company?

Ways We Support  

  • EXPERT GUIDANCE, BESPOKE TO YOUR NEEDS & CIRCUMSTANCES - As you proceed through determining your priority areas of responsibility, and describing and scoring your current practices, we provide you with tailored guidance. Across our range of 20 issues, we help you understand and map out the factors that affect your ability to become more responsible – including company size, sector, and geographic location as well as your resources, opportunities, risks and other issues that demand your attention. Together we develop a plan to respond and move forward accordingly.
  • SUPPORT AND KNOW-HOW ON DEMAND - The Responsible 100 team members are highly informed on the wide range of responsibility issues we explore. Whenever you exhaust our expertise, we'll reach out to our expert partners and friends for their specialist know-how and advice. The help and answers you need, when you need them, are quickly to hand.
  • NETWORKING, PROMOTION & MARKETING - When the time suits, we'll feature you and your information on our mailing list and social media channels and increase your credibility, reach and network. You'll have access to the Responsible 100 LinkedIn and WhatsApp channels where you'll be able to participate in discussions, connect with fellow participants, and discover opportunities to develop and improve your business.

Create And Share Value In Our Community

We help you to explore and trial better ways of doing things, and support you in reporting back to help enlighten the whole community. 

As more participant businesses share more examples of what they do, our benchmarks become ever-more informed and more valuable to assess against. We match together those businesses that we know will be able to support one another given shared challenges and experiences or other complementary criteria. You'll be able to join accountability groups where other Responsible 100 participants will act as your 'critical friend' as you do the same for them.

We support the process of providing feedback with a positive, supportive mindset. Participants make valuable contributions every time they share their experiences of the social and environmental challenges they have faced, how they were impacted, what they did and why, and what the results and subsequent course corrections were. We’re always exploring new ways to enable participants to share and connect with other businesses committed to these ways of working, whether matched one-to-one or in small groups.

See our About section for more on shared value creation.

Your Investment  

Participation requires minimum time investments from the participant business or organisation. Costs are based on the amount of time Responsible 100's team and partners dedicate to your company on a monthly basis. We'll create bespoke 6 or 12 month work plans for your organisation based on its particular size, sector, needs and circumstances. Please contact us for a detailed proposal.

Fees are designed to incentivise the maximum amount of disclosure from participant businesses. All the Responsible 100 benchmarks and all the knowledge contained therein, in addition to all workshops delivered by Responsible 100 and many of the workshops delivered by partner organisations, are included within your monthly subscription.
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